*Seth Peterson Cottage, Mirror Lake, Wisconsin

In the first week of January 2001, I spent several days at the Seth Peterson Cottage, on Mirror Lake in Wisconsin. It was designed in 1958 by Frank Lloyd Wright, and was one of his last commissions. The cottage has been restored to its original specifications under the stewardship of the Seth Peterson Cottage Conservancy, and is available for guest lodging through the Sand County Service Company.

Seth Peterson Cottage in Winter.

I've actually stayed there twice, once in the fall and now in the winter. Eventually I would like to stay there in all four seasons. I took a lot of pictures this time and, although I'm not much of a photographer, the natural grace and elegance of the design still shows through. All pictures were taken with an old Olympus FTL single lens reflex camera. Film was processed and digitized at PhotoWorks.com.

Photographs of the Cottage



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